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Card In A Box

Sometimes ‘Thinking of You’ just isn’t quite enough so then you might want a special card like a card in a box.


  Not again!  Those are stamps you had in the Bake Sale!

Yes, Sal.  Sigh….

The box looks cluttered in the picture but in actuality there is a double Z fold piece you add to the box to give you different sections.  Let’s look at the box from the bottom.  The blue dashes show the inserted piece.  I recommend tear and tape on the sides that attach.  I used tape runner and it isn’t as good.  I used strips of window sheet to attach the images to the sections.


The box still folds to fit in an A2 envelope.  The back has one long piece which is good for writing your own personal message.


These are so fun to make!  I made a dinosaur one HERE. 

This is a printable pdf of the directions with lots of pictures:  Box Card

This picture shows the sections a little better.


Bye for now!

SAL,  Let’s be Salt and Light to someone today


Riddle of the day:

Question:  You go at red, but stop at green.  What am I?

Answer:  Watermelon.  You eat the red part, and you stop eating at the green part.

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