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Hi!  I am Karen Decker, a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator.  I joined Stampin’ Up! in 2009 and love learning new crafting techniques and then sharing what I have learned with others.  I live in Castle Rock, Colorado with my husband, Paul, and a long-haired dachshund named Ruger.  We’ve lived in Alaska, Arizona, and Washington State but Colorado is where we both grew up and we are glad to be settled back here in our beloved Colorado!








This is my little SAL PAL.  I tried for over a year to find the right blog name and everything I thought of was already in use or not a name that was catchy.  Stampalosopher seems hard to say at first but as you use it, it just rolls off your tongue – really!

Stamp *  A  *  Losopher   was how I envisioned it at first with the jingle “Stamp A Lot with the Stampalosopher” adding spaces and capitals so you could remember how to spell it.  Then I wondered about abbreviating it to SAL, but was concerned what SAL might mean and didn’t want a nasty acronym.  LOL   When I googled it, I found that in Spanish it is defined as:  “salt;  wit;  charm”.   That was sooo perfect and in the Bible Jesus tells us to be salt and light in our world so it ties into the faith side of my life.   I went looking for a graphics designer to draw up the image.  After three attempts I found Toons4Biz with several images I could purchase.  The jingle grew to “Bringing a pinch of creativity to spice up your crafting world” and Toons4Biz ran with it and designed my blog header.   Stay tuned as we grow together to make this journey fun!











This is the watermark I use.  Look for me on Pinterest!









So how many SAL acronyms can we make?

Stamp A Lot

Smile A Little

Share A Love

Send A Letter

Sigh A Loud  ( I do that a lot when stamping)

Sing A Long

Snag A Layout

Soar A Loft

Smile And Laugh

Can you think of more?  Send them in a comment and I will add them.

Thanks for stopping by for a history lesson!






  1. Hi Karen, I’m new to Castle Rock and looking for Stamp Camps in the area. I lived up North (Longmont) and attended Sassy Chic, Stamp Camp North and Rose Hill Stamp Camps. I’ve been stamping for about 10 years and have lots of stories (good and bad).

    • Welcome to Castle Rock, Kimberly. Covid has shut down most stamp camps around here. I continue doing club meetings virtually with a Facebook Live on the second Tuesday of the month and a Zoom meeting on the last Tuesday of the month with a Mystery card creation. You are most welcome to join these events. Club cards are $5 for two cards. Tomorrow is the Facebook Live on January’s cards at 9:30 AM. Go to http://www.Facebook.com/stampalosopher. Hope to see your name pop up!

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