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Easter Basket Card and 3D

In my last post you saw all the cool cards I made with the Divinity Designs Alleluia die and stamp combo.  I also purchased from them a basket die set, a pastel egg paper/die duo and a pastel prints 6X6 paper pad.  With all these wonderful products I made these cards with different crosses and different eggs:


And this one:


With pastels you can even stamp on the paper as I did here for the inside of the cards:


I had Easter baskets sitting out with paper grass so I used that grass in the paper baskets.

A picture of the products might help you save words. 

Good idea, Sal!   And I will link Divinity Designs down below with little Sal in the computer.

That fourth screen shot is one of the pastel print papers.  I used the Stampin’ Up! ‘Cross of Hope’ die and put the heart of the paper right in the middle of the ornate cross die.  When I die cut the cross, I left the middle intact and put scotch tape on the back so the pieces wouldn’t come out in hopes the little heart would show.  You’ll see more of that cross in the 3D baskets I made for the grandchildren.  The greeting on the front comes from:


The layer on the front is the Stampin’ Up! Ornate Layers die and the inside greetings are from Stampin’ Up! ‘His Grace’. Check out my previous post ‘Easter Celebration’ to see the Alleluia die at work.  There’s not much you need for a recipe on this card.  It uses a standard base and layer.   Here is a pdf you can print out with the standard layers.

Standard Layers.pdf printable doc

Let’s look at the little 3D baskets Paul and I made for the grandchildren:

 I added a little heart to the middle of these crosses since the paper heart didn’t stand out.

On the opposite side of the baskets I used the dove in ‘HIs Grace’ punched out with a circle punch and layered on a slightly larger circle in the same cardstock as the basket:

I cut out numerous eggs and glued matching ones back to back and added them to the basket before the candy.  The boys baskets were purple and blue:


3D Basket Recipe

  • Base:  Cardstock of desired color,  6 X 6
    • Score at 2  and 4
    • Turn 90 degrees and score at 2  and 4
    • Crease all score lines
    • Adhere DSP squares to the four corner squares – measurements below
    • Cut on the score lines to the middle score line twice on opposite sides
    • The middle uncut part is the part to attach the handle
    • Fold the sides up to meet each other
  • Handle:  cardstock of choice, 8 1/2 X 1/2
  • Decorative Layer (X4):  Divinity Designs Pastel DSP,  1 3/4 X 1 3/4, adhere before gluing basket together
  • Ribbon:  12″ tied to handle
  • Adhere cross on one side and dove on opposite side- see above for paper used for cross

It was a wonderful Easter with Tyler, Amber and the boys, Jaxson & Emmitt!

The boys had matching shirts!


We died eggs but then made deviled eggs out of them so a bit pointless but tradition is tradition!


The boys hunted Easter eggs in their lovely yard on a wonderful sunny day! (It snowed again on Monday!)

All hostess’ need a hostess gift and I found this cute rabbit holding a carrot around a vase of flowers.  I couldn’t resist!

Jonathan & Stacia spent the day on the slopes with Emma, Joey and a friend!


You can’t always have both families and, you know, ski season is almost over!

I know, Sal.  At least we got pictures.

Thanks for spending time with me today friends!  Hopefully you have ideas for next year’s Easter cards.

SAL,  SingALleuia


Riddle for the day:

Question:  What 5 letter word typed in all capital letters can be read the same upside down?

Answer:  SWIMS



















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